Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Snow Day Productivity

 ...and took major steps toward making my old sewing room feel like a sleeping room for humans. A sparest of spare rooms for you kindred spirits. 

On Wednesday, January 23rd we were gifted with a snow day. Something about snow days allow for a productivity that doesn’t exist on normal “off” days. For one, I was so amped up from waking up and looking out my window a million times to see if it “snowed enough” and then checking Facebook to see if they’d called it yet, I was rearin’ to go around 5:30. For two, it was a day designated for work anyway so filling it with house work isn't disheartening and actually feels like a bonus. So. I finally, on twenty third day of January, took down my Christmas tree...

This closet used to be my sewing desk space. And then full of stuff. This is BIG progress people.

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