Saturday, February 2, 2019

Wide Legged Pants

These pants require a story. Every time I wear them and someone notices them, I want to tell the story. (For the record the cart is the feature of the photo because it had JUST been delivered to my classroom to store science notebooks and I was SO excited I asked my kids to help me record the moment.

When I was in second grade, I had a teacher, Mrs. Reed, who wore the flowiest wide leg pants. They were swishy and lovely and I knew, that when I got “grown up” I would wear wide leg swishy pants. 
Now yall, I am a rule follower (as long as I know why I’m following the rule) and I know that my short stature-ness just does not get quite so visually flattered by the wide leg flowy pant look. But. A couple...okay a few...okay now that I count many years ago I finally made myself these wide leg pants. And sometimes. It’s hard for me to put together my “look.” 

People seem to either love the wide leg pants or really strongly dislike them. My sister, bless her heart, is in the dislike category. She’s not the only one, and I’m grateful I have people who I know will tell me their thoughts without hurt feelings intended. 
But dear ones. This week I had a student ask me when I was going to wear my pretty pants with the big bow again. Wow did my heart swell. Middle school students can be hard but wowsers when they notice or care about things it is such. A big. Deal. 
So I wore them again today, and got way more compliments than on standard workaday pants.  And I always get so proud when I can show people how my giant phone fits in the giant pockets. And the student was visibly cheered when she noted that I wore them and I said “just for her”. All because she said something.
Someone wise (Carrie) once told me that there’s a difference between style and fashion. Fashion consists of the latest trends but style is all our own. What we like, what fits, what makes us happy. We curate our style to be as unique as us. When I wear my wide legged pants, or wear the same dress in different colors for four days, and Danskos with hand knit socks I am not only identifying myself as me, but I am also identifying myself as a kindred spirit to others. So now rather than feeling pressure at finding the most acceptable outfit, I will try to focus on choosing how I shall identify myself as kindred today. 
Lastly, let this be a lesson for all of us. When you appreciate someone’s scarf, tell them! When you notice their hair is a beautiful shade of grey coiled into delicate curls, tell them! When someone has a radiant smile let them know that it brightened your day. Who doesn’t feel brighter and bigger after receiving a compliment. Has anyone ever received a compliment and thought “Ugh, I wish they hadn’t said that.” I have never. Think how joy can spread exponentially with a daily increase of compliments. 

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