Monday, May 28, 2018

Knitters who Hike

Today I went with knitters (and a new friend Rico and I met on Moscow Mountain yesterday) to Boulder Creek which is on the edge of Helmer and Deary. Three dogs, five friends, one great time! I'm loving that knitting group is turning into quite the hiking group as well! No one HAS to go, but if someone says "I'm going!" There's always bound to be someone else interested too! I love my tribe! I love that there are so many people in my tribe...or that I am a part of so many tribes. I feel blessed by all of you!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Moscow Mountain...Finally

Rico and I ventured up to Moscow Mountain for the first time. We traversed the Headwaters Trail (Loop?). I had been feeling envy of all my peeps up at Huntington Lake this weekend. The feel on Moscow Mountain was close enough such that some of the homesickness was eased. It was great fun. In Moscow, Idaho spring fashion the wild flowers were on full display. We didn't get run over by any mountain bikes, and we met some great people. The only mortifying thing was that people wake up bright and early and then go RUN that trail!!! I had strong feelings about that. 
Rico's strong feelings post hike were as pictured below. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Re-purposed Rough Drafts

My increased walking has led to an increase in stamina for Rico too. He’s pretty insistent on walks now. It’s probably good for both of us. He’s really not fond of rain though. He probably needs a rain jacket. We only got about two blocks in this rainy day before he decided he was done. 

One of many things I love about Moscow is the abundance of beautiful blooms in the spring! Some of the lupine shrubs are particularly prolific.
I pulled out some fabric to do some quilting this weekend. (Rico hates quilting sessions by the way. Like, hates it more than apple and carrot eating but maybe not quite so much as campfire crackles.) I opted to paper piece the strip quilting effect. Turns out grad school rough drafts are the perfect paper material for that. Who would have guessed. How convenient that I have a stack of them just waiting for a purpose.