Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Snow Day Productivity

 ...and took major steps toward making my old sewing room feel like a sleeping room for humans. A sparest of spare rooms for you kindred spirits. 

On Wednesday, January 23rd we were gifted with a snow day. Something about snow days allow for a productivity that doesn’t exist on normal “off” days. For one, I was so amped up from waking up and looking out my window a million times to see if it “snowed enough” and then checking Facebook to see if they’d called it yet, I was rearin’ to go around 5:30. For two, it was a day designated for work anyway so filling it with house work isn't disheartening and actually feels like a bonus. So. I finally, on twenty third day of January, took down my Christmas tree...

This closet used to be my sewing desk space. And then full of stuff. This is BIG progress people.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Why I March

I participated in the women’s march on Saturday, January 19. . Before I shared pictures, I wanted to think again, and share some of the reasons #WhyIMarch 

Because all people matter, and they need to know and feel included. 

Because the church that raised me is engaging intentionally in conversation around women in leadership, when it had never occurred to me I might not “be allowed to lead” because of my gender. 

Because we are all leaders in our every day actions and I want to be intentional about the message I send out. 

Because it’s important that I model what peacefully coming to the conversation looks like. 

Because I have capabilities that allow me to come to the conversation and others do not, it’s my duty. 

Because the longer I live here the more I learn just how many people believe that women’s bodies are not their own to decision make for. 

Because Planned Parenthood was once MY backup plan. Because individuals with varied abilities should be praised for their gifts not mocked for their differences. 

Because I am helping to raise our future every day I go to work in a school. These kids need to know they matter, know others matter, and know they can make a difference. They are our leaders for tomorrow.