Friday, March 1, 2019

Snow Drama and the Story of How My Shoveling Game is Coming Apart

I didn’t know I could grow to have stronger dislike of snow. I have. Like possibly turn the the good guy villain feelings of dislike toward snow. My shoveling game has taken a turn for the worse. 

In the picture above: 
The red arrow is how far my neighbor shoveled to clear off the sidewalk I neglected. 
The green arrow is how far I got pushing snow out of the the way before I gave up for that session. 
The blue arrow is the snow I pushed out of the way and had not gotten off the driveway because I had not yet developed snow flinging skills. 
The yellow arrow points or the tire tracks from when I went to get a haircut after I got to the green arrow and quit. 
The black arrow points to where the icicles (I’ve never had icicles like this.) are dripping (and falling) onto my driveway. 

That night I gritted my teeth to clear it in an attempt to make roomate’s low car a possible entrance to the garage. 

Green arrow: How far down the driveway I got.  Almost to the street. 
Blue Arrow: Sidewalk clear. Ours and our wall sharing neighbor’s. 
Yellow arrow: Did not get all the way over onto my side of the driveway. I have a higher car. And all wheel drive. Thaaaaanks dad! :)
Red Arrow: Developed the ability to fling snow over the growing wall next to my drive way. As Trainer Natalie says: activate your core!!! I did. 

Prepare for dismay folks. Now. I’m about to share with you what my driveway looked like the following morning:

What. The. Heck. When I opened the door to let Rico out roomate A said she could hear me yell a great big “aaaaaaaaugh!” from upstairs. 

I offered to take her to her classes and you better believe we drove right. Over. That. Snow. 

As we were loading up in the garage I hollered at nice lady neighbor up the road “I’ll probably have the gumption to do this after school.” 

I made eye contact with the neighbor whose driveway and sidewalks were already clear. With my eyes I dared him to say something passive aggressive about my snow shoveling. You know the same look you give the misbehaving kid in an assembly from across the room that makes them peacefully and immediately drop what they’re doing. 

On the bright side...the sun came out that afternoon and I shoveled the snow that was still in the sun. :)