Sunday, February 24, 2019

Let’s Start a Conversation: Menstrual Cups

As trainer Natalie says: “We have these fantastic bodies and we have no idea how to use them.”
As I’ve been discovering this year, she’s absolutely right. So. Meet My New Series: Let’s Start a Conversation. 

Today we’re talking menstrual cups. 
I posted videos on my Instagram account (@MyThirdThings) sharing information I have and shared three different products: Diva CupLena Cup, and Lunette. I was pleased and surprised by how many views I got, people learned something new, and great conversations were started. By request I have “highlighted” them on my Instagram feed.

Relevant comments I thought I’d share:
“I like the taco fold because the aggressive pop open let’s me know it’s in place.” -Tanya B.
“My cup experiences have left intense pressure on my bladder, Thinx underwear is a good alternative.” -Becca H. @Beccawith_the_goodhair (If anyone has good information regarding this I’d love to pass it on.)
“Love Lena! Wouldn’t use anything else!” -Devinne S. @mondaymorningmedia
“Tell everyone the discoloration is normal. It [the cup] can still be clean and discolored. I thought I was cleaning mine wrong.” -A
“Toxic shock syndrome is not exclusive to menstruation....”    (I’m not an expert but am learning more and gathering information. Men can get it too. Gauze in open wounds. It’s caused by bacteria with a long name.) -A&J

More resources:
If you’re 18 or older, Oh Joy has an informational comic with useful diagrams sharing about using XO Flo Cup that I find informative.

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