Friday, February 1, 2019

Sticker Paralysis

One of many things I've enjoyed about Instagram is how through it, I've been introduced to many artists I enjoy greatly! Case in point: Meet The Paintbox Letters. It was SO. HARD. to pick just one. I wanted to put all her work everywhere. SO. I ordered stickers. All the stickers. 
But then. I got sticker paralysis. Where would I put them to get maximum enjoyment? What if I put them in the wrong place? What if they get destroooooooyed? They lived on my fridge for quite some time. During that time I had many sticker discussions with the individuals who frequent my place of work. I began to notice that certain kids ALWAYS brought their water bottles and I often enjoyed noticing their stickers. Finally I realized if they had one of the stickers on their waterbottles I could enjoy the stickers exponentially. On my water bottle. On their water bottles. All the water bottles!See below.

These are mine. The 30 oz bottle is going to feature Harry Potter stickers. You should see the stuff she's been adding to her Etsy shop. My twenty something oz water bottle shall feature women and the at-at. Because I like them.

I thought I might make the 12 oz bottle super hero themed because I have a wolverine sticker. And I really like her aqua man sticker. But in my brain wolverine doesn't really fit the superhero mold truly. So then I thought I'll just call the theme "abs." If you didn't laugh at that you're missing something from your life. Text me. I'll explain it to you.

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